What Teachers, Parents and Students Say
  • To dance is to express, feeling & emotion all out, to dance is to grow, confidence & determination, I once did not know, I once did not show, I started to dance. To dance is to learn, to fall & rise again, giving up I definitely won't, it is strength I will show. To dance is to give, my gratefulness can't be said, neither can be told, but I'll dance & show you what appreciation is all above. 
    • Kristie Chew

  • Dancing is an outlet to express emotions and feelings that I can never express in words, an emotional retreat from everything else. Dancing is the movement of my life. Dancing trancends the self to a world beyond reality. Dancing is an art emotion. When I dance, I believe even the hardest challenge is possible, because dancing embeds a strong urge of self confidence, faith and strength. When I dance, I see the world from a different dimension. To dance is to feel and appreciate beauty an movement of the human body.
    • Lim Hue Wei & Amanda Aw

  • By dancing, I am able to freely express myself when there are no words for it. The stress that I am facing flies out the window. It helped me to achieve good rhythm and also taught me to be brave to go all out on stage. It is a form of art that is greatly treasured by me. 
    • Eunice Chuang

  • Ballet, the language only the body can speak. So let us dance to you what we have to say. 
    • Loo Yen Yi

  • Ballet is the road of life. Ballet makes me who I am today. 
    • Kwah Shu Huan

  • Dance Galore is a good opportunity for me to share my happiness to the audience. 
    • Yu Ting

  • Passion in dance has taught me discipline, commitment, dedication and a way to communicate with people and it should be respected and honored. Being a student with the academy makes me realize how important criticism was in order to excel further. Performing on stage is all adrenaline. To stand out on stage at the end of a performance and to know you thrilled the audience is an incredible feeling. There's no words that can fully express how I feel but I'm ever so thankful to my wonderful parents who made the choice of sending me to dance classes and have always supported and encouraged me in every performance. Someone once said "Each time you perform, dance not only with your arms, legs and feet but also every inch of your heart and soul." 
    • Tiara Adly

  • Jean Gan Academy is always in our hearts, as it is here that my daughter is what she is today - a loving, expressive and compassionate young lady, who knows about giving and caring for the sick and needy; these attributes were indirectly taught through "Dance Galore" over the years! Thank You, Jean and staff. 
    • Jade & Victor Tan

  • It was a truly uplifting and rewarding experience for my two girls, June and Jayne when they took up ballet. I am truly grateful and gratified that in Jean Gan Academy, they pursue their teaching with a clear sense of purpose and direction. I am impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the team of the academy. 
    • Mrs Seow

  • The concert gives our girls a good opportunity to practice what she has been learning all this while. Hopefully these little girls will SHINE on stage! 
    • Mummy to Kassandra Phung

  • We are very excited and really looking forward to the special event! Not only are we contributing to the society, but it is also an event where all in the family comes together and are united. It is a family bonding weekend and we will all have lots and lots of fun too! 
    • Parents to Yasmeon Hanif

  • This is really the first time for all of us to join this charity concert & we are really impressed and all the parents really put their effort and I think this ballet can give my child Julia more discipline. 
    • Julia's Mom

  • Ashley may not be the best dancer but her passion towards ballet has amassed me completely. She has been extremely excited about the concert. This will be a great and valuable experience for both Ashley and her mother. 
    • Ashley's Mother

  • I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jean Gan and all her staff past and present on the 25th anniversary of the Jean Gan Academy of Ballet & Music. The girls have learnt a great deal from the discipline of ballet and the teamwork necessary to participate in the concert. I have also enjoyed being a volunteer for the concert and part of the school. It has been enriching experiences for Jacqueline, Nikki and I. Thank you Jean for all your hard work and commitment during the past 25 years. 
    • Mrs Marge Lim

  • Sandrine truly enjoyed participating in this charity concert. It has given her the opportunity to learn to help the needy. Hope in years to come Jean Gan will continue the great effort to organize more charity concerts. 
    • Aunty Melina

  • Nicole had been contemplating quitting ballet due to time constraints. However, when she heard about objective of the concert, she changed her mind. Perhaps she realized that with this opportunity, she can dance and contribute back to the less fortunate. Keep up the good work of instilling this into our daughters and a big "Thank you". 
    • Nicole Lee's mom

  • We learn so much from 'Dance Galore', the true meaning of love, passion, humility and expecially being a caring individual to all, regardless of one's colour, creed or religion. Among the years we grew from Jean Gan and the team, we found their dedication, love and caring attitude not only to her students but also to the less fortunate. My children got involved in charity work with the academy where they started to learn about other less fortunate people. So much so they all joined Yayasan Anak Wansan Alam (YAWA), an environmental NGO for children and youth of Malaysia. History was in the making when one day, Ms Adrienne asked Afiq whether he could play some beats/rhythms from recycled instruments. Thus on that day, The Yawa Drum Eco Circle was formed. Yawa EDC was then honored to be selected to represent Malaysia at the World Drum Festival, TV Stations and Performances for the Prime Ministers, Foreign Dignitaries, The Permaisuri Agong and they have travelled around the world performing together with local celebrities. All my children have participated in the Dance Galore. 
    • Parents, Adly & Shima

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